COVID-19 Onsite Safety Training Protocols

Masks must be worn 100% of the time and worn correctly to completely cover the nose and mouth

Seats need to be measured and marked off with a minimum of 6' spacing seats

Entry and exit into buildings need to be organized and supervised to ensure no close contact

Common areas and furniture such as tables, microphone, podium need to be sanitized. Restroom used by multiple attendees need to be cleaned at appropriate intervals.

Group size should ideally be no more than 10-15 employees

In order to request Free On-Site Safety Training, you must be an employee of one of our member districts or county offices.

Please complete a separate form for each training date and or session. A specific training date is required in order to schedule. Your training is not finalized until you have received confirmation.

Site Address
Equipment Provided

Please Indicate what equipment will be provided by your organization at the training. Select all that apply.

Please provide the contact information of the employee coordinating the training.