In the early 1970s, public agencies were faced with rising insurance costs and few coverage options.

History of NBSIA Infographic

In response to this crisis, State legislation was enacted in the mid-1970s to authorize public entities to self-insure and pool their assets to jointly control their risks and pay their claims. This was the birth of public risk Joint Powers Authorities (JPAs) in California. In 1979, shortly after this new law was passed, North Bay Schools Insurance Authority was formed in response to the desire of public schools for high quality service and a stable, cost-effective way to fund their risk.

NBSIA was (and still is) committed to protecting school staff, students and resources, and stabilizing the cost of insurance to allow more dollars to reach the classroom. We began as a Workers’ Compensation pool with 10 Solano and Napa County school districts. Dental and Property/Liability were added in 1984. Membership and programs have increased over the years, but our foundational principles of protecting precious school resources remains the same.

Today, NBSIA has evolved from necessity to innovation. We now provide self-insured Workers’ Compensation, Property/Liability, Dental and Vision coverage and administer claims for the Workers’ Compensation and Property/Liability programs. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of loss prevention and professional development services and training tailored to the needs of public education.