The Return-to-Work Process

After a work-related injury occurs and you are in need of medical treatment, you will be seen at a designated medical facility.

The physician will determine your work status as:

  • Released to full duty
  • Released with work restriction or limitations for a temporary period of time
  • Not released to work

If you are released with work restrictions or limitations your Member Claims Contact will work with your Site Supervisor and NBSIA’s Return-to-Work Coordinator to determine whether to temporarily modify your regular job duties (modified work assignment) OR place you temporarily in a bridge assignment, based on the medical restrictions from the physician.

If your regular site is unable to temporarily accommodate you in either the modified work assignment or a bridge assignment, your Member Claims Contact will determine if another school site can accommodate you in a temporary work assignment.

If a bridge assignment has been designated, the Member Claims Contact and NBSIA’s Return-to-Work Coordinator will review the work assignment with you.

Please contact your Member Claims Contact person at any time during your temporary work assignment if:

  • You are unable to report to work
  • You do not feel you are medically able to perform the job duties of the assignment

If the Member is unable to provide you with a temporary work assignment, you will receive temporary total disability benefits through workers’ compensation while you are temporarily unable to work.

For questions regarding the Return-to-Work process, contact Anna Socarras at (707) 428-1830 x121.