Contracts, Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), and Insurance

Contracts and memorandums of understanding (“MOUs”) must be negotiated, executed and approved in keeping with the Government, Public Contract, and Education Codes, as well as adopted Board Policies and Administrative Regulations. Failure to comply with these requirements may nullify the contract and/or make the person signing the contract personally liable for required payments. When in doubt, call NBSIA at (707) 428-1830 or your general counsel for advice.

Alliant's Insurance Requirements in Contracts (IRIC) procedure manual can be used as a guide in developing proper insurance requirements in contracts. This manual explains how to establish insurance requirements for most contracts, including those with contracts, professional service providers, tenants, vendors and users of public property, and how to verify their compliance with those requirements during the term of the contract.

A brief summary to help Members better understand agreements and some contract terminology: Contracts and MOUs General Concepts

Indemnity Agreements

An indemnity agreement allocates responsibility for damages. One party agrees to assume responsibility for some or all claims against the other. Sample agreements can be downloaded via the link: Sample Indemnity Agreements