Networks by Design

NBSIA provides a broad scope of medical services for all work-related incidents, injuries or illnesses. Our MPN delivers quality medical care through your choice of a provider who is part of this exclusive network of healthcare providers, each of whom possess a deep understanding of the California Workers’ Compensation system and the impact their decisions have on you. Our MPN has received the approval from the State of California to cover your workers’ compensation medical care needs. Our MPN’s are used exclusively unless an employee has a confirmed pre-designated personal physician prior to an incident, injury, or illness.

NBSIA’s Workers’ Compensation Team works with our Medical Provider Network (MPN) clinics to assure injured employees are treated properly and with respect. We work with the clinics to confirm the physician’s commitment to provide an updated plan of action for treatment along with appropriate work restrictions for successful return to work. NBSIA’s staff work with the Clinical and Administrative staff of these clinics to assure pertinent information is provided to our members and claims team for staffing, payments and file documentation and quality of care to our injured workers.